Farrowing Crates

Due to the decrease in demand - we no longer stock livestock equiment and cannot accommodate small orders.

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Complete Farrowing Crate:

Standard size is 5' x 7'.  Made of heavy gauge tubing and pipe for years of trouble free service.  Sides easily adjust for large sows or small gilts.  Sow Stop is adjustable for various crate widths or sow lengths and retains sow in crate even with back door open for easy clean ups.  Front and back doors open in either direction for moving sows in and out of crate.  Large Stainless Steel Feeder removes easily for cleaning, and is designed to help prevent feed waste.  Pig Divider Panels made with vertical rods to keep pigs from climbing out of crate.  Available with either bowl or nipple waterers and your choice of Tenderfoot Rubber coated flooring, wire flooring, bar flooring or plastic flooring.

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Farrowing Crate




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Free Stall Farrowing Crate

5' x 7' Freestall Farrowing Crate allows for greater freedom of movement and comfort for the sow.  1" Round SCH 40 pipe rails with 1/2" diameter solid vertical rods on 2-1/4" centers.  Standard 304 Stainless Steel Sow Feeder is designed to reduce feed waste.  Panels held in place with drop rods.   Can also be utilized as a nursery pen.